Eating away from home is a challenge. Clients often choose between going hungry or eating a problematic food. Neither is healthy. Portable meals and snacks can be a big help. Hopefully, some of these ideas will work for your restrictions.

Day Trips

The following snacks will keep fresh in an insulated lunch kit for about twelve hours (add an ice pack or freeze one of the foods).

Slightly Longer Trips

Here are some suggestions for foods that will be okay for a few days without refrigeration.

Here’s a quick recipe for nut butter balls.



Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl. Place in the refrigerator for 15–30 minutes and then roll into balls. Nut butter balls will be soft and sticky when warm, so they are not a good snack in warm climates (especially if they are sitting in a vehicle).

Long Trips

These foods will stay fresh for a long time! They are helpful on longer trips.

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