Wendy Busse, RD

Fantastic Freezer Meals with Souper Cubes®


Updated: May 2019

I started making freezer meals during my university residence days. The cafeteria food was deep fried, so I bought a small freezer and made individual meals at my parent’s place a few times a month. I saved a ton of money and avoided the typical “freshman 15.”

That was thirty years ago, and freezer meals are still making my life easier. I’ve tried freezing in many different ways over the years, and the Souper Cubes® system is the best that I’ve tried.

Why I love Souper Cubes®

Here’s why I love them.

The lid: This is my favourite part. When I was freezing in muffin pans, the wells nested in each other, no matter how carefully I stacked them. With a lid, you can stack the filled Souper Cubes® neatly on each other. No more mess!

Thanks to Souper Cubes for providing the product to take this picture.

Perfect Size: The bricks stack neatly and stay that way. Previously, I was using silicone jumbo muffin pans, but they don’t stack neatly. I’ve also used jumbo ice cube trays, which stack, but they are not big enough to stay stacked. The picture below shows nine cups of spaghetti sauce frozen in Souper Cubes® compared with a jumbo muffin pan.

Good quality silicone: When I first started freezing in silicone, I bought some cheap mini-loaf pans. Within three months, they were stained and had a weird smell. You get what you pay for!

Benefits of Freezing Meals

There are more benefits than I can mention, but here’s the most important.

  • Save time: If you’re going to cook, you might as well make a lot. The time spent planning, preparing and cleaning is similar if you make a small or large recipe.
  • Save money: Home-made meals are less expensive than packaged or restaurant meals. I love hummus, but a small container is $7 at my local store. I can make it for about 50 cents, and hummus freezes beautifully! Also, you can buy in bulk for large recipes, saving even more money.
  • Reduce stress: Having a variety of home-made meals in your freezer is very satisfying. Imagine not having to worry about what you’re making for supper tonight!
  • Eat healthy: Homemade meals are much healthier. Also, freezer meals or other meal planning systems will help you make better choices. A satisfying meal without the stress of worrying about what to make reduces your vulnerability to emotional eating.
  • Cook when you want: I love to cook, but not at 5 PM after a long day. I can make freezer meals when I have enough time to relax and enjoy it. You can also work with a friend or family member! Cooking can be fun, rather than a chore.

Benefits for the Low Histamine Diet and Food Intolerance

Here are some additional benefits if you are following a low histamine plan or have a restricted diet.

  • Eat fresh meals: Avoiding leftovers can be an important part of the low histamine diet (see the Practical Guide to the Low Histamine Diet). Freezing prevents bacteria and therefore, histamine. Making freezer meals is a lot easier than shopping and cooking every day.
  • Significantly reduce stress: I touched on stress reduction above, but freezing meals is even more important if you have food sensitivity. Many people with food sensitivity think about food constantly. They are either shopping, cooking or wondering what to eat and miss out on the moments that make their life meaningful. Freezer meals let you forget about food and live your life. Many clients that I’ve worked with have experienced a big boost in their quality of life when they start freezing meals.
  • Eating away from home: Eating away from home is challenging on a restricted diet. With Souper Cubes®, you can grab a frozen meal on your way out the door.