Work with Wendy

I help clients on food sensitivity restricted diets expand their intake and feel better about eating.  I do not have black and white answers or cure-all diet plans. My services are based on common sense information and tools to help you make decisions and move forward. This is not a quick fix, but a journey, to find a better long-lasting approach.

Three-Month Support Plan ($329USD)

  • Access to website modules (see Module Map)
  • Initial appointment (75 minutes)
  • Mid-term appointment (30 min)
  • Final appointment, approximately three months after initial (30 minutes)
  • Unlimited e-mail support between appointments

Additional follow-up appointments and e-mail support are available for $75USD.  However, most clients do not require additional follow-up. My mission is to empower clients through lifelong strategies and confidence. After three months, clients continue to expand their diet, but they have developed the skills to work on this independently.

Website Modules

Sifting through conflicting, inaccurate information on the internet can be overwhelming and stressful. My goal is to save you time by providing interesting, concise, relevant information & common-sense tools in one place. The articles are based on current medical research and the knowledge I have gained from working as a food hypersensitivity dietitian for the last 20 years. Colorful graphics, videos and interactive tools make the information interesting and educational!

Explore the Module Map to decide if the three-month support plan is right for you.