Work with Wendy

I help clients on food sensitivity restricted diets expand their intake and feel better about eating.  I do not have black and white answers or cure-all diet plans. My services are based on common sense information and tools to help you make decisions and move forward. This is not a quick fix, but a journey, to find a better long-lasting approach.

Three-Month Support Plan includes: ($329 USD)

  • Access to the private client articles (see Article Map)
  • Three video-conference appointments (one hour each). See appointment preparation for details on each appointment.
  • Unlimited e-mail support between appointments

Follow-up plans:  an additional three months of support includes:

  • Three months access to the private client articles  (see Article Map)
  • Three months of e-mail support
  • Appointments are 45 minutes
  • You can schedule one, two or three appointments during the three months:

One appointment$85 USD
Two appointments$153 USD (10% discount)
Three appointments$216 USD (15% discount)