Reintroduce Foods to Expand your Diet

I tried cauliflower yesterday, and it seemed okay, but today I had some in a stir fry and did not feel good. Maybe it was the spices or the cashews. I haven’t had them in several months. I want to reintroduce foods systematically, so I can better understand what I tolerate.

Reflection Questions

  • Have you tried reintroducing food?
  • Has it been successful? What were the difficulties?
  • Why do you want to expand your diet?

There is no “right way” to expand your diet. This section provides basic information, so your appointment can be focused on developing an individualize plan.

Please speak with your doctor before starting food reintroduction. If severe symptoms are suspected, food reintroduction should be in a r medically supervised facility with equipment to treat anaphylaxis - particularly if you have asthma or have experienced a rapid drop in blood pressure.

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