Public Resources

I have seen the devastating effects of false nutrition information through my work as a food sensitivity dietitian. With conditions, such as food sensitivity, where there are very few well researched “facts,” opinions and speculation prevail. When people search for help, this speculation adds to their confusion and distress. These concerns prompted me to write articles with practical, common-sense advice for individuals suffering from unexplained food sensitivity symptoms. My hope is these resources will empower the reader to make balanced decisions about their diet and health. The resources are divided into three sections.

Relax Food Fears: We live in a “food-fear” culture. Everywhere you turn – the internet, health professionals, advertising, etc. – you hear messages that food is damaging your body. If internalized, these food-fear messages can manifest as physical reactions to food. If you need additional support to tame your food fears, please see Work with Wendy.

Allergy, HIT & MCAD: Dietary changes often help patients suffering from histamine or mast cell related problems feel better. However, many patients follow unnecessary restrictions. Finding the right balance is challenging because there is not a “one-size-fits” all diet or simple answers. This background information will help you make changes without over-restricting your diet.

Food Sensitivity Tools: The final section contains practical tools that you can use to help pinpoint and manage food sensitivities.