Updated: January 2020

When symptoms flare-up, most people get stuck in worrisome thoughts and make haphazard treatment changes. A better approach is to pause, observe the symptoms and allow them to subside naturally. If the symptoms don’t subside, pausing will help you make thoughtful treatment changes.

Flare-ups often lead to haphazard changes. What happens when your symptoms get worse? Typically, this triggers a panicky reaction to find a solution. Example of haphazard changes include:

Haphazard changes may lead to unnecessary diet restrictions, especially if it is a repetitive cycle. My specialty is helping clients calm their food fears and expand their diet. When I first meet clients, I ask how their diet became limited. A common scenario is an ongoing cycle of eliminating foods after a symptom flare. Joe is a good example. He suffered from bouts of acid indigestion, which usually lasted for about two weeks. After the first bout, he eliminated dairy and gluten. A few months later, he had another bout and eliminated a long list of foods based on food sensitivity testing. This pattern continued until his diet was restricted.

When symptoms flare-up, they often improve on their own. Symptoms fluctuate for most people. Unfortunately, people often start new treatments or diet restrictions when their symptoms flare-up, and they may incorrectly attribute the improvement to the new change. 

Pause and observe symptoms before making changes. A better approach is to pause when you have a symptom flare-up. Resist the urge to react and make changes. Easier said than done! Here are some tips to put this concept into action:

Make thoughtful changes when you are calm. If your symptoms don’t subside, treatment changes may be necessary. However, taking the time to pause, observe your symptoms and wait until you are in a calmer mindset will help you make rational, systematic treatment changes.

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