Mini-Superhero Visualizations

Summary: These ideas were adapted from Dr. David Hamilton’s book – How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body.  Visualize yourself as a little person (superhero) in a short-animated scene that takes place inside your body.  Dress in a fun superhero costume. The scene should be light and funny. It may be helpful to announce what is happening (like a reality TV show where the star is alone in the woods and telling the audience what is happening). You can physically act the scene out and say the words out loud.

Here’s an example that a client used to increase her tolerance to peanuts:

  • Imagine you are in your stomach.
  • Visualize your immune cells as an army with different characters. They should be animated and a bit comical.
  • Visualize a peanut character and the immune characters getting agitated and shooting their guns at the peanut. The stomach tissue gets red and swollen (inflamed) when the chemicals land on it.
  • Gather the immune cells together and explain that the peanut is not an enemy. The peanut character can break into a big smile. You introduce them, and they start having fun together.
  • Visualize that you have a bottle of magical, blue ointment that you spread on your hands and gently rub on the inflamed areas of your stomach. The tissue becomes healthy again. Heal all the inflamed areas that you can see (at least three).

Here are three more examples.

Histamine Response

  • Imagine you are in your body’s control center.
  • You see many dials from 0 – 10.
  • When you find the “histamine control,” notice that your dial is at ten.
  • Turn the dial down to five and press the big button that says “lock” to keep it there.

Leaky Gut

  • Imagine you are in your digestive tube.
  • The cells in your digestive lining should be pink, plumb and tight against each other. However, your cells are shriveled and have gaps between them.
  • Use your magical, blue ointment to rub on the cells. As you rub, they become healthy, pink and regenerate. Feel how smooth and strong the cells are.
  • When you have treated a few cells, step back and see that they are now tight against each other.
  • Go on to the next area (at least three).

SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth)

  • Imagine you are in your digestive tube (small intestine).
  • You see a group of bad micro-organisms with magnets on their heads.
  • There are also a few happy micro-organisms, without magnets.
  • You have a special vacuum that pulls the bad micro-organisms in by their magnet.
  • Vacuum them up and look around to make sure you have all of them.
  • The happy micro-organisms cheer and break into a happy dance, shouting, “the bad guys are gone.” You join them in their happy dance (consider physically dancing, rather than just visualizing it).