Healing Energy Visualizations

Summary: Energy is constantly circulating in our body. The energy can be positive or negative. A healing energy visualization accentuates the positive. When you inhale, visualize the positive energy getting stronger and brighter. When you exhale, release and let go of resistance.

  • Choose the food you would like to tolerate better.
  • Visualize the food in your mouth with a soft, glowing light around it. As you swallow, visualize the food traveling to your stomach.
  • With each inhale, imagine the glowing light getting stronger and spreading into the rest of your body (this is like the energy and nutrients from food).
  • With each exhale, allow your body to relax a little more. You may want to include an affirmation with your exhale (see below).
  • Take at least five gentle, deep breath cycles with this visualization.
  • Choose a part of the body or the entire body.
  • There are many variations to this basic visualization, which we can specify in your written plan.
  • Visualize light coming up through your feet and into the body part with unpleasant sensations.
  • With each inhale, imagine the light getting brighter.
  • With each exhale, allow that part of your body to relax a little more.
  • Visualize a situation that leads to unpleasant emotions and behaviors.
  • Scan your body to feel where you notice the emotional tension (e.g. a gripping sensation around the chest area).
  • Visualize the emotion as a glowing red ball.
  • With each exhale, feel your body relax and say “soften.” Visualize the red ball getting weaker and smaller.
  • Continue with this gentle breathing exercise until your body is more relaxed and the red ball has disappeared (or at least softened).