Ask Yourself, “Is This Symptom a Food Trigger?”

Clients often assume that every symptom is a food reaction, which can be frustrating and lead to a restricted diet. Jodi’s journey illustrates this. She suffered from itchy skin and rashes. One of her health care professionals told her it was food related. She eliminated may foods after having food sensitivity testing. Her symptoms did not improve, and she assumed there were still triggers in her diet which led to further restriction. Finally, she was eating two foods and was in a state of panic. When I first met her, she said, “I’m allergic to every food,” because she was still experiencing symptoms, despite eating only two foods. It took a few weeks of e-mails after our first appointment, but she finally asked, “Since my itching has not improved with a restricted diet, maybe it is not diet related.”  She decided to go back to her regular, unrestricted diet.