Fear Can Be a Protective, Intuitive Voice or a Worrisome Thought

Fear can be rational or irrational. If you have peanut anaphylaxis, the fear of peanuts would be rational. If that fear extends to many foods (without allergy to those foods), that would likely be an irrational fear. Food sensitivities are often a mix of rational and irrational fears.

Is your fear an intuitive, protective voice, or does it come from worrisome thoughts? If your mind and body are rigid, you are probably in fight-for-flight, and your fear may be an expression of the food fear & symptom cycle. If you have a relaxed, deeper “knowing,” it is more likely to be a protective intuition. If you are struggling with this, a psychologist can help you sort it out.

Your physician may be able to help you understand your risks. If you suffer from immediate food reactions, it is essential to be evaluated by an allergist for IgE mediated food allergy (let me know if you need further clarification). Many clients with mysterious symptoms have not been able to find an empathetic physician to discuss these concerns.