Calm Your Food Fears and Expand Your Diet

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How the Program Helps

Clients have often been on a frustrating journey to find answers to their mysterious, unexplained symptoms. This journey leads to patterns that create or sustain food sensitivity. The program helps clients take a step back, look at the bigger picture and change these patterns.

The program has three parts:

  • Phase 1: Break Your Food Fear & Symptom Cycle: When you suffer with mysterious symptoms, it is easy to get lost in the food fear & symptom cycle. We talk about how this cycle develops and the five steps to break it. You choose the strategies that resonate with you, and I help you develop your unique plan to break the cycle. Phase one is “preparing the soil, before planting the seeds.”
  • Phase 2: Reintroduce Food: Once you’ve made progress with phase one, you can start food reintroductions. If food fear or reactivity continues to be a roadblock, we can incorporate positive visualizations which helps to change entrenched, fearful food beliefs.
  • Additional Support Topics: I can also help you Live Well With a Restricted Diet. These topics (and others) can be included in your unique plan.

The Work with Wendy video has further information about these client resources.

Support Along The Journey

My motto is expert guidance and caring support. I will help you decide what changes you would like to make and will be there to support you through the process.

The program is based on slow, steady steps to fundamentally change how you approach food and your health. The e-mail encouragement and support will keep you on track with your goals between appointments. You can e-mail as often as you want to ask questions, share insights or vent about your frustrations. I've been  a food sensitivity dietitian for twenty-five years, so I will understand where you are coming from. I check messages at least three times per day and respond quickly. You are not alone on this journey!


The program is a unique combination of self-study and six video-conference appointments. I’ve listed the typical progress through the appointments, but each client is different.

AppointmentsTypical Goals
Appt #1 We talk about your food concerns and I introduce the program.
Self-StudyClients work through Phase 1: Break Your Food Fear & Symptom Cycle and complete the worksheet- Change the Patterns that Fuel the Cycle. Reading the articles and watching the videos takes 1-2 hours. However, I suggest that clients expect to spend about five hours, so they have time to reflect on their learning.
Appt #2 We discuss the worksheet and create a plan to break the cycle.
Self-StudyClients work through this plan with e-mail support.
Appt #3We review your successes and problem solve any challenges.
Self-StudyClients continue to work on the plan with e-mail support.
Clients work through Phase 2: Reintroduce Foods and complete a food tolerance inventory.
Appt #4We make a food reintroduction plan.
Self-StudyClients work on the plan with e-mail support.
Appt #5We review your successes and problem solve any challenges.
Self-StudyClients continue to work on the plan with e-mail support
Appt #6We review your initial goals and celebrate your success.